Vague Fears. Swarming.  

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This particular track was made entirely with a microphone and tattoo machine. Thanks for sharing this with me Freqonomicon.

ARTIST: Ichorous

VIDEO TITLE: Gear Walkthrough (part 2)

Ichorous is a harsh noise project from Lowell, Massachusetts.

In this video, we get to see him showing us how he creates his music. 

If you wish for a detailed description of each Effects pedal that he has. Then I would suggest you watch part one of this video.

Ichorous on Myspace

ARTIST:  Kawaiietly Please

A female noise musician from Seattle, Washington who has an appreciation for feedback and Lolita Fashion.

Her style of Noise creation involves a computer with the sound turned all the way up, while she uses a microphone with a 50-foot-chord to manipulate the feedback.

Kawaiietly Please on Myspace