My new album-Memento Mori


dark/death ambient with a bit ov noise underneath. not sure if anyone reading this is into this sort ov music. It is five songs on death from five different viewpoints. only $2 to download. even if you do not want to listen/buy, please reblog this.

I’m really enjoying both Leviathan and The Shadows Are Melting. I’m having trouble deciding which of the two I enjoy more.


William Basinski - Watermusic


My new ep will be called ‘undercurrents’, 5 tracks, limited run of cds more details to come. In the meantime, here’s a piece I did for FBi radio a few weeks back, first of a new series of works likely to emerge late this year, enjoy.


Stretta on an ARC4 controlling Electric Dharma Wheels software.

Sinebient ensues.

Nono- No Crying


So, I’ve been thinking. I never gave this album an “official” release and the more I think about it, it’s something I wish I had physical copies of. It’s not something I really feel motivated to make myself though, I think someone else could make much better packaging. Does anyone know of any labels that would be down to take a shot at doing this for me? I would plan on going back and changing some things in the recordings as well, re-arrange some stuff, add new songs, remixes, etc. to make it worth some time for others to listen to all over again.

So any suggestions or anything like that would be very appreciated. Thank you.

For those of you who are not familiar with nono, click here for the album titled “No Crying.”

Definitely worth a listen if you’re interesting in relaxing to Acoustic/Shoegaze music.

oh wow niggas with guitars is actually fantastic



like it’s not boring drone at all this is legitimately calming and lovely instrumental music

tumblr user dedieu this owns are there other artists like this

look into Thoughts On Air

glad you’re enjoying

I’ve been meaning to reblog this post for awhile… Yukikosyndrome is right, your project is really good.

Février - Held
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Made a real song today. <3

And Kilmo so kindly let me sample from this:

Arrange - Orange Glow (Thank You for the Night)
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“Orange Glow (Thank You for the Night)”

___thank you


I’ve finally had a little time to finish up a new track. This was composed using vinyl records, synths, field recordings from Åland, some chimes and various bits from the hard drive.

I think this is going to be a long, exciting year with a lot of changes ahead. It’ll be interesting to see how things turn out a year from now. Musical and otherwise.

Soisong - Dtorumi

In honor of Peter Christopherson passing away. I’ll be posting a few songs that he wrote.

To be completely honest. Besides Throbbing Gristle, Coil and Psychic TV. I wasn’t familiar with Peter Christophersons work. I’m really disappointed in myself for  have not discovering Soisong and The Threshold HouseBoys Choir sooner.

Their official website

Soisong on Myspace

Rest in Piece Peter Christopherson. Thanks for all the great music.